Viral photo of Tamil Nadu BJP leader getting ‘1 vote’ is fake

The result of the Lok Sabha elections came as a surprise to everyone, defying both exit polls and political analysts. A newspaper map went viral on social media, purporting to show Tamil Nadu BJP leader K. Annamalai receiving only one vote in a particular polling booth in Coimbatore.

Several users shared the picture on social media and mocked Annamalai for failing to win the trust of the people of Coimbatore.

X Handle @SurrbhiM was one of many who shared the image and wrote: “Tamil Nadu BJP chief Annamalai got a vote in the polling station. According to the media, he is the future Prime Ministerial candidate of the BJP.” (Archived link)

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Many other users have also shared the same image on social media, as seen here and here.

Fact check/verification

A reverse image search of the viral letter showed that it was shared by Praveen Raj, the social media in-charge of the BJP youth wing in Tamil Nadu, who described it as edited.

On further investigation, we found that Sun News on X had shared the same image and it said that DMK candidate Ganapathi Rajkumar was leading after the first round of vote counting in the Coimbatore Lok Sabha constituency.

According to the statement shared by Sun News, 101 votes were cast for Annamalai in polling booth number ‘BCUAF 07464’.

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A comparison of the viral image with the image shared by Sun News shows that all elements of the two images are the same.

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Therefore, it is clear that the picture showing only one vote for K. Annamalai in a polling booth in Coimbatore has been doctored.

Result: Altered photo

(This story was originally published by Newschecker and republished by NDTV as part of the Shakti Collective.)