Florist reveals simple trick to open your peonies faster

Peony season is fleeting, but there is a quick and easy way to enjoy your peony.Beautiful flowers for longer – and it’s free for you.

Peonies bloom from April to June and last only a few weeks, but David Denyer, a flower expert at flower shophas revealed a simple trick that can ultimately extend the flowering period.

For David's expert hack, all you need is warm water: 'To make your peonies open faster and enjoy them for longer, all you need is a clean vase and some warm water. Simply fill a vase with lukewarm water and take your peonies. Turn the peony over so that the petals are facing the ground and carefully dip it into the vase of warm water.

“Twist them gently in the water to allow the petals to absorb all the water. Then gently pull them out and shake them a little to remove any heavy water drops.”

a close-up of a flower

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Then simply place the peonies back in the vase with fresh water. After a few hours they should start to open.

“The trick here is that the warm water expands the petals, so your peonies will look fuller for longer,” reveals David. “It's best to do this one at a time, though, to avoid damaging the petals, so remember to be careful when submerging them in the water.”

amazingly vibrant bouquet of blooming purple peoniesamazingly vibrant bouquet of blooming purple peonies

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This is an especially helpful tip if your peonies are almost spherical, so instead of having to wait a few days for them to bloom, you can enjoy your beautiful flowers almost immediately with this trick.

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