What is the viral “eye color bracelet” trend on TikTok?

The adorable “eye-colored bracelets” trend is going viral on TikTok, where couples make personalized bracelets for each other.

TikTok trends involving people's significant others are often some of the app's most popular fads. Whether it's an art challenge like “Draw Your Partner” or a 12-question relationship test, there are plenty of trends that couples can participate in.

The latest trend is the enchanting eye color bracelet trend, which allows couples to celebrate their relationship in a unique and personal way.

What is the TikTok trend “eye color bracelet”?

The trend is for people to make bracelets that reflect their significant other's eye color. It's a fun and intimate craft project that couples enjoy together, and it's been going viral on the social media app.

Many people show off their creative process and final products in short TikTok clips that often go viral. The bracelets themselves are made by assembling a selection of colored beads that match your partner's eye color, along with some elastic for threading.

Some people make two different bracelets, each representing the color of their partner's eyes. For example, one might be all green and the other all brown, depending on what color eyes they have.

However, most TikTokers create two identical bracelets that contain a mix of both partners' eye colors, for example alternating beads in shades like brown and blue.

How to make the TikTok trend “eye color bracelet” work

If you want to follow this trend, start by visiting a craft store and getting the necessary materials: colored beads that match your and your partner's eye color and some elastic to thread. Decide on a design, measure and cut the elastic to fit each wrist, then tie a knot at one end.

Start stringing the beads according to the pattern you have chosen. When you are finished, tie the ends of the elastic band together to complete your bracelet.

Videos featuring eye-colored bracelets have garnered millions of views and likes across the app. The trend comes weeks after the wholesome “sunrise or sunset” couple trend went viral on TikTok.