Viral video: Police officer saves cute kitten in the middle of the highway; Internet users cheer police officer: “TRUE hero!”

A US police officer was on patrol when he noticed a kitten stranded in the middle of a highway. Concerned for the animal, he stopped his vehicle and asked a nearby truck driver for help while he tried to rescue the animal.

The Alachua Police Department captured this poignant rescue on video and posted it on their Facebook page. Social media users are now praising the officer for his efforts.

“Last week, while on patrol, Officer Stanfield spotted a kitten lying in the middle of NW US Highway 441 while other vehicles drove by just a few feet away. Of course, Stanfield stopped to rescue the kitten from the road,” Alachua Police wrote on Facebook, sharing the video.

“Thanks to the help of a Mi Apa Latin Cafe driver who stopped traffic with his truck, the kitten was safely removed from the danger zone. We are happy to announce that this little ball of fur has found a loving forever home with one of our amazing dispatchers,” it continued.

Internet users praise police efforts

Internet users were very impressed with the police officer's efforts and congratulated Officer Stanfield and the driver of Mi Apa Latin Cafe for their rescue.

“So wonderful! Thank you Officer Stanfield of the Alachua Police Department and Mi Apa Latin Cafe for being a TRUE hero! Thank you dispatcher for giving this lucky kitty a loving forever home!” one user wrote.

“Thank you, officer, for saving the kitten! And what the hell is wrong with people driving past this living creature in danger in the middle of the road! Disgusting!” wrote another.

“This makes me so happy! My kitty was rescued in the middle of 441 when traffic rolled over him. Good Samaritan neighbors rescued him and I adopted him from them. His name is Loki! Thank you Officer Stanfield!” posted another.

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