No, you don't need any third-party tools to download Instagram Reels

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The central theses

  • Instagram's built-in download feature lets you save Reels directly to your phone.
  • To download Instagram Reels, simply find the Reel you want to save, tap the share icon, then select “Download.”
  • If you don't see a download option for a particular Reel, it may be because the Reel is from a private account or the creator has restricted downloads for their Reels.

Have you ever come across Instagram Reels that you want to save to your phone's gallery? This can be useful for accessing them later or sending them to friends who don't use Instagram. We'll show you how to download Instagram Reels to your phone without using crappy third-party apps or websites.

How to Download Instagram Reels

Previously, if you found an interesting Reel on Instagram that you wanted to save to your gallery, you had to visit a third-party downloader website or use a separate app on your smartphone. These services are often full of ads and scams. However, Instagram recently added a built-in download option for Reels. This means that you can now download Reels directly to your smartphone without using any external tools.

First, find the Reel you want to save to your phone, then tap the share icon and select “Download” from the menu that appears.

Instagram will start downloading the reel. The downloading process will take some time depending on the length and quality of the reel. Once the download is complete, you will find the video in your phone's gallery, from where you can share it with friends using other sharing apps installed on your device.

Why can't you download some reels?

Even if you follow the steps above correctly, you may still see some Reels where the download option is not displayed. This usually happens with Reels that were uploaded privately. In other words, if the Reel you want to download is from a private account that allows you to follow, you will not be able to download the video.

Additionally, Instagram has a setting that allows the uploader to prevent other people from downloading the Reel, even if their account is public. To configure this setting yourself, go to your Instagram profile, tap the hamburger icon in the top right, then select Settings & Privacy > Sharing & Remixes > Allow Others to Download Your Reels.

If this option is disabled for the person whose Reels you want to download, you will not be able to download their Reels, even if their account is public.

These are the two main reasons why you may not see the download option on some Reels. However, there may be times when the download option is not showing up due to a temporary bug or glitch. In this case, you can try updating the Instagram app. Alternatively, you can contact Instagram support for help.

Here's how to download Reels from Instagram. Easy, right? But note that the downloaded Reel will include the username of the person who uploaded it. This is a best practice by Instagram. This way, whoever the Reel is shared with knows who the creator is, so they can reach that account for more Reels.