Police seek clues in three-year-old unsolved fatal shooting in southwest Oklahoma

The family of a subway man shot dead three years ago is still looking for answers.

Oklahoma City police said Wednesday that leads had expired in the shooting that left four people injured and one dead.

According to police, in June 2021, someone opened fire on a crowd gathered in a parking lot of an apartment complex in southwest Oklahoma City. No one has come forward with information to solve the case.

Residents living near southwest 61st Street and Douglas Avenue told News 9 they often heard gunshots coming from the apartment complex. Three years ago, the shooting turned fatal, killing 28-year-old Larry McDowell.

“As far as I know, no one fought back, so we really don't know what prompted this individual to shoot into the group,” said Msgt. Gary Knight of the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Police said three other victims, possibly four, were hit by the gunfire but were not seriously injured.

“Investigators have received information that there may have been a fourth person who was shot and just didn't report it,” Knight said. “Obviously that's someone we want to talk to and see what he knows.”

A neighbor told News 9 that the day after the shooting, he saw someone jump into a car and leave the scene. Homicide detectives spoke to witnesses and followed up on leads.

“But we still haven’t found a suspect,” Knight said.

With no suspect and no unknown motive, the case has been closed. Police are asking the public to report any information related to the shooting, even minor ones.

“This could be information that helps us solve the case,” Knight said. “Someone knows who did this and what it was about.”

The number to call is the Homicide Tip Line at (405) 297-1200.