Disney fan recreates miniature versions of Andy and Sid's rooms from Toy Story

A Disney fan has recreated miniature versions of Andy and Sid's rooms from Toy Story using various household items from pen nibs to coasters.

Emily Walker said she got the idea to recreate Andy's room because her daughters (Amelia, 12, and Lilly, 9) collect Mini Brands figurines, including popular Toy Story characters like Buzz Lightyear and Woody.

Mrs Walker's mini version of Andy's room in Toy Story (Emily Walker/PA)

She made the wallpaper synonymous with Andy's room by painting white clouds on blue wallpaper, installing blinds from a piece of cardboard, making a pinboard out of an old drinks coaster with the posters in Woody's owner's room, and creating Jessie's signature cowboy hat out of foam.

Toys in the room
Popular characters from the film are present in Andy's room (Emily Walker/PA)

“To make the hand in the box toy, I used a hand from Mini Brands and then made the nib from a pen and the box out of cardboard and painted it,” the 34-year-old, who lives in Widnes, Cheshire, told the PA news agency.

“To make the duck toy, I used a duck head from Mini Brands and the body of a Hulk from Mini Brands and attached them with a spring from a pen.

Mini room
Ms Walker's mini version of Sid's room (Emily Walker/PA)

She also used an old pacifier, some wire and a hair tie to create light in the room.

Mrs Walker added: “I like that Sid's room is quite dark and Andy's room is very light.”

Toys on the floor
Sid's Mutant Toys are on display in the mini room (Emily Walker/PA)

Ms Walker said the most difficult aspect was trying to recreate the rooms as faithfully as possible, using online images as a reference to ensure “everything fit together”.

She said her daughters were “very excited” and “eager” to see their mother complete the creations.

Room with toys in it
The light in Sid's room was made from a hair tie and an old pacifier (Emily Walker/PA)

Ms Walker's work has received hundreds of likes on Facebook, which she described as “nice”.

“Honestly, I was shocked because this was my first miniature project,” she added.

Andy's signature wallpaper is in the mini room (Emily Walker/PA)

Next on Mrs. Walker’s agenda is a replica of Sunnyside Daycare from Toy Story 3.