Calgary murderer back in court for a series of other violent crimes

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On Tuesday, Calgary native Raven Big Sorrel Horse admitted in a city courtroom to stabbing a man to death.

On Wednesday she appeared in court again, this time to be sentenced for a number of other violent crimes.

Judge John Bascom granted defense attorney Alain Hepner's request to give Big Sorrel Horse a prison sentence of less than three years, most of which will be consumed by time already served.

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The Calgary Court of Justice judge ordered 23-year-old Big Sorrel Horse to serve an additional six months in custody in addition to the time she has spent in custody since her arrest in October 2022.

Added to this is her so-called dead time, which corresponds to approximately two years and five months since her arrest in October 2022.

Prosecutor Kane Richards had called for a total sentence of five years, pointing out that without mitigating circumstances such as Big Sorrel Horse's indigenous ancestry and diagnoses of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder and fetal alcohol syndrome, a much longer sentence would have been justified.

However, Bascom agreed with Hepner that a lesser sentence followed by probation would be more appropriate.

Big Sorrel Horse's two-year suspended sentence, however, will not begin until she is released from the sentence she will face later this year for manslaughter in connection with the stabbing death of Calgary resident David Kendall Williams on October 25, 2022.

On Tuesday, court heard that Big Sorrel stabbed Horse Williams once in the chest before stealing his runners and leaving her own at the scene.

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The date for her sentencing, which is expected to take place this fall, will be set next month.

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Big Sorrel Horse pleaded guilty last year to several crimes, including two robberies that occurred around the same time as Williams' murder.

She also admitted charges of assault and aggravated assault in two separate attacks in the Calgary area.

Two of the crimes, a robbery of a Door Dash employee on October 26, 2022, in which a bag of McDonald's food was snatched from her after she threatened to swing a machete at him, and aggravated assault on October 27, 2022, occurred in the two days following Williams' killing.

In the aggravated assault, Big Sorrel Horse and a group of others attacked a man near the Drop-In Centre in the city centre.

During this attack, she stabbed her victim three times, including once in the right rear shoulder.

Hepner said his client experienced significant hardships during his childhood on the Siksika First Nation.

“Raven remembers hunger, neglect and abuse in the foster home,” the lawyer said.

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