Viral video: “Are you sure?” – Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang signs a female fan’s breast at Tech Expo

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang signs the breast of a female fan at the Tech Expo | Image: AP

A recent video of Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang signing the chest of a female fan at a tech expo has taken social media by storm. The footage, which quickly went viral, captures the surprising moment when Huang, wearing his iconic black jacket, is seen interacting with a group of excited fans.

In the video, a woman in a white dress approaches Huang and unusually asks for an autograph on her chest. Before proceeding, Huang asks for confirmation, asking, “Are you sure?” Then he repeats, “Is this a good idea?” After receiving her affirmative response, he complies and signs her chest. This unexpected moment has sparked an uproar among social media users, and images of the encounter have been widely shared on various platforms.

Check out the viral video:

One such threaded post, titled “I have a video here,” shows the scene where Huang is surrounded by fans and the woman is standing in front of him. The clip has attracted widespread attention and reflects the public's fascination with the incident.

Following the event, the South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported that the woman shared her excitement on Instagram, posting a picture with Jensen Huang and expressing her joy at the encounter. “Adrenaline rush today. My wish came true! I shook hands with the 'AI Godfather' and he also signed my phone case and clothes. I hope for good luck this year!” she wrote.

User reactions to the post:

In the comments section, people had mixed reactions to the video.

“It has become a topic of conversation.”

“Huang is fulfilling a fan’s wish, I don’t see any problem with that.”

“The woman is not SG. From her appearance and clothing, she would be an employee in the technology industry, perhaps she is an office worker in business, marketing or public relations.”

“He should have refused the woman's request. That's kind of disrespectful.”

“I bet this top could sell for $500,000.”