Supreme Court upholds life sentence for murderer of Malaysian student

Taipei, June 6 (CNA) — Taiwan's High Court on Thursday rejected the appeal of Chen Po-yan (陳柏諺), who was found guilty of the 2022 murder of a Malaysian student surnamed Chai (蔡), and upheld the life sentence imposed on him by a lower court.

During the hearing before the Supreme Court, Chen confessed to the murder and asked for a 15-year prison sentence so that he could be rehabilitated, fulfill his duties to his parents and try to improve the situation of the victim's family.

Meanwhile, prosecutors and the family lawyer are demanding the death penalty for him.

The court rejected Chen's appeal and decided to uphold the life sentence.

The case can still be appealed.

The incident occurred in April 2022, when Chen contacted 24-year-old Chai, who was then studying at a university in Taipei, via the social media platform Instagram.

The two did not have much contact with each other. However, on October 3 of the same year, Chen contacted Chai again and subsequently visited her rented apartment several times.

On October 13 of the same year, Chen demanded more than NT$90,000 (US$2,788) from Chai. When she refused, he strangled her and pressed a pillow into her chest, causing her to suffocate.

After the crime, Chen attempted suicide. While police and firefighters rescued him, he confessed to the crime.

In the first trial, the district court sentenced Shilin Chen to life imprisonment for murder.

(By Liu Shih-yi and Evelyn Yang)

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