Michigan man behind viral court appearance lands back in jail for driving license violation

Judge: Michigan man in suspended license case never had a valid driver's license.

The saga of Corey Harris, the Michigan man who gained notoriety for his strange court appearances, takes a new turn when he ends up back in prison after surprising discoveries about the status of his driver's license.

Washtenaw County Judge J. Cedric Simpson dropped a bombshell during a court hearing: He revealed that, contrary to his claims, 44-year-old Corey Harris never had a valid driver's license.

Simpson expressed his frustration, stating: “Let me be very clear: Based on what the court has considered – [Harris] has never had a Michigan driver's license. Never.”

Although Harris insisted that he had taken steps to regain his license, the investigation revealed otherwise.

In addition, Harris's claim that he did not have a driver's license due to injuries sustained in a traffic accident was refuted when it was revealed that he regularly renewed his identity card despite knowing that he did not have a driver's license.

Simpson rebuked Harris for causing a “buzz” after his viral court appearance, in which he blamed his arrest on a clerical error. Other revelations came to light in court, including an outstanding warrant for his arrest for driving on a license that had been suspended for nine years.

Harris' defense attorney acknowledged his wrongdoing but emphasized his efforts to rectify the situation by paying the reinstatement fee and attempting to obtain a learner's permit.

The judge decided to keep Harris in custody based on the old warrant because Harris had committed serious negligence in the past.

If the warrant is not processed promptly, Harris will be released on bail. A court date is scheduled for August.