Gallery: The Good Samaritan goes viral

Elderly fans hold up water bottles distributed by Xiaoliu, a young online content creator from Maoying village in Xiao county, east China's Anhui province. Photo: Ding Gang/Caixin

Dozens of elderly people sit outside Xiaoliu's door in the afternoon, waiting to see him and receive alms. Whenever Xiaoliu returns, those present always receive something from him. Photo: Ding Gang/Caixin

Elderly people pass the time playing cards in a pavilion in Xiaoliu's courtyard. They do the tasks assigned to them by Xiaoliu, such as watering his bonsai plants in the courtyard. Photo: Ding Gang/Caixin

Zhang Meiying and several other loyal followers water the bonsai plants and do some cleaning in Xiaoliu's yard every day at around 5 p.m. Photo: Ding Gang/Caixin

In the alley in front of Xiaoliu's house, about 100 elderly people are baking buns together. Xiaoliu organized the task and plans to sell the buns online. Photo: Ding Gang/Caixin

Du Jinhua, 81, holds the small gifts Xiaoliu gave her. Photo: Ding Gang/Caixin

Jiang Guizhen, 94, the oldest person in the village, goes to Xiaoliu's home almost every day. Photo: Ding Gang/Caixin

Xiaoliu is filmed bringing gifts to the elderly. Photo: Ding Gang/Caixin