AI image of disabled veteran sparks viral reaction on Facebook

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The picture has generated over 62,000 reactions

What's the matter

The picture of a young woman in military uniform sitting in a wheelchair has gone viral on Facebook.

The image, created using artificial intelligence, was posted on a page called “Summer Vibes” and has since received over 62,000 reactions, nearly 5,000 comments and 2,500 shares.

Despite obvious inaccuracies such as a fake American flag patch, blurry facial features, poorly defined hands, and more, many users believe the woman is a real disabled veteran.

Misleading captions and hashtags accompany the image

The image was accompanied by a caption that read: “Please do not wipe [sic] without giving any love. Without heroes, we are all simple people and don't know how far we can go.”

The post also included a number of hashtags with the names of famous actors and actresses.

However, the name, which is usually found on a soldier's trouser pocket, was illegible in the image and appeared as a blurry collection of spots that resembled letters.

The article raises ethical concerns

The viral spread of this AI-generated image has raised ethical concerns.

Critics argue that this diverts attention from truly disabled veterans who deserve care, respect and financial support.

It also overloads the Internet, where real information is exchanged and communication takes place.

Some Facebook users were even so convinced that they defended the image against those who pointed out its artificial origin.

AI-generated images for political campaigns

This incident is not an isolated case. BBC A March report revealed that influencers and experts supporting the Make America Great Again movement used AI to create fake images of former President Donald Trump with groups of black voters.

These fake images have been used in political content and campaigns, prompting experts to warn about the potential risks of such practices.

The spread of these images could potentially influence what a large group of people believe to be the truth.