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A bride has won over online audiences with her Instagram video showcasing a zero-waste wedding ceremony. The video offers an insight into her wedding festivities and reveals a meticulous approach to every detail to ensure that as little waste as possible is created, from the decorations to the food.

In her Instagram post, Dr. Poorvi Bhat wrote, “I don't know if experts would call this wedding zero-waste, but we didn't produce any plastic at the event and did everything we could to minimize our footprint. It was only through the collaboration of our families that my dream of a zero-waste wedding was possible. My mother was the genius behind it all, she planned and organized the entire event and it was very fulfilling for me to see our union come together like this.”

The innovative measures during the ceremony are nothing short of inspiring. Guests were welcomed with gifts in jute sacks, a biodegradable alternative for traditional packaging. The water used for washing hands was deliberately directed towards the trees so that the water used nourished the surrounding vegetation.

The focal point of the wedding, the “mantapa” or wedding area, was made from sugarcane stalks – a sustainable material that served a dual purpose. After the festivities, the sugarcane structure was reused as livestock fodder, minimizing waste.

Conspicuously absent from the festivities were disposable cups and plates. Instead, traditional banana leaf plates and sturdy steel glasses were used. Even the decorations followed the zero-waste ethos, using trunks, leaves and branches from mango and coconut trees as they have minimal water consumption.

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The commitment to sustainability extended to every detail, including the wedding garlands, which were carefully crafted from flowers and sewn together with cotton threads.

To dispose of the waste generated during the event, a composting system was implemented on the farm where the wedding took place, ensuring that even the smallest scraps were turned into valuable compost for future use.

short article insertionBhat’s initiative has sparked great admiration and discussion on social media, with many praising her commitment to environmental Protection and advocates for similar practices at weddings around the world.

One user wrote, “This is what Indian weddings should be culturally.” A second user commented, “Oh man normalize this!” A third user wrote, “This is exactly how I want my wedding to be. You are an icon.”

Another user added, “So beautiful and such a powerful message. More power to you, this is what cultural (or all) celebrations should look like. Meaningful and mindful. Rituals for different devatas without honoring Bhudevi always seemed incomplete to me. Thank you for setting a good example and I hope many others see this and continue to live and celebrate low waste!”

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