A dog's sweet message in his owner's car in Miami goes viral

Anyone who loves animals always takes care of them and spares no expense. A resident in Miami can certainly boast about this. He ventured out with his dog in his car and left the puppy inside at his destination to protect him from the heat.

The pup happily stayed in the car in the parking lot with the air conditioning running while his owner ran errands. For curious onlookers, a sign explained why the little dog was sitting alone in the driver's seat: “My driver will be back shortly. 22°C.”

The video was shared on the user's Instagram account Only in Dadewhere it went viral in less than 24 hours. “When it's too hot outside to run errands with your owner,” explained the author of the post, which received thousands of comments praising the dog owner's considerate action.

Frequently Asked Questions About Viral Dog Videos in Miami

Here are some common questions and answers about the viral video of the dog in the car in Miami that has captured the hearts of many on social media.

Why did the dog owner leave the dog in the car?

The owner left the dog in the car with the air conditioning on to protect him from the heat while he ran errands.

How did people know the dog was safe?

A sign on the car window said that the dog's driver would be back soon and that the temperature in the car was 22 °C.

Where was the video shared?

The video was shared on Only in Dade’s Instagram account.