This Viral $10 Watermelon Slicer Will Save Your Wrists (and Your Sanity) This Summer

Remember when Baby Houseman boasted that she “carried a watermelon” in Dirty Dancing? Yes, it would have been more impressive if she had said she had “diced a watermelon” – a really tedious task. Cutting those giant, wobbly balls in half is a feat in itself, but cutting out the flesh evenly and not haphazardly? For that, you need a fruit cutter. Or the Yidada Watermelon Cutter. Videos showing this $10 tool in action have gone viral, and it's not hard to see why: It works quickly, safely, and produces perfect cubes that will make your fruit salad look like something Martha Stewart would serve. Grab one before your next summer party—it'll make grill prep a breeze.


Easier and safer food preparation, less tired hands, blah blah, Jidada…

$10 on Amazon

So how does this strange looking device work? Well, you still have to quarter your watermelon the traditional way (sorry, there's no getting around it). But once that's done, you simply place the cutter against the cut side of a quarter and press. Its windmill-like blades gradually divide the fruit into evenly sized cubes, with the long handle acting as a sort of conveyor belt for the cut pieces. There's even a handy measuring guide on the side in case you want your cubes to be a certain height.

From there, you gradually empty the cubes from the handle, working your way through the watermelon row by row. No more slippery knives or jagged pieces that look like a toddler sliced ​​them. When you're done (which should be pretty soon after you start), just rinse the cutter with water to clean it. Easy peasy!

the watermelon cutter next to a melon cutter and a plate with diced watermelonthe watermelon cutter next to a melon cutter and a plate with diced watermelon

This watermelon cutter comes with a fun little cutter that you can use to make the cutest melon and honeydew balls. Check out how to look really fancy with fruit! (Amazon)

Over 1,000 Amazon customers are making grill preparation easier thanks to the Yidada watermelon cutter.

“This is the best purchase I've made for summer,” raved one of them. “I hate cutting watermelons, but this has completely changed my views. I cut three watermelons in about 10 minutes. Plus, it's so easy to clean.”

“I don't usually buy one-use kitchen tools, but I love watermelon even though I hate cutting it up,” another shopper shared. “You can determine the height of the bites by where you start the cut. The wheel cuts each piece to the same width that you roll into the fruit. It also works well on the curves so you can get as much fruit out as possible.”

“I love this,” wrote a third. “Makes it so much easier; I have problems with my hands, [and] that helped me alot.”

As with many products you use for the first time, there can be a learning curve. “It does take a little getting used to,” admitted one generally satisfied reviewer, “but once you get the hang of it, it's great.”

“Cool gadget,” wrote one last fan. “The problem is that it doesn't work so well when the watermelon is on the soft side.” Refreshingly crunchy watermelon is the winner!


Once you realize how much time and effort this appliance saves, melon fever will break out in your kitchen.

$10 on Amazon

Another must-have for summer? This corn kernel remover keeps natural floss away from your teeth.


This #1 best seller takes care of the entire cob in one hit. The inside features a sharp ring-shaped blade that saws the kernels off the cob while protecting your fingers from injury. All you have to do is put one end of the cob in and then twist the stripper down. Tada!

“It sheared 14 cobs in 10 minutes with whole grains,” reported one reviewer. “I was very pleased. … You only need three or four cobs to master it.”

$10 on Amazon

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