Woman's Butter Birthday Party Goes Viral (Exclusive)

For a butter-loving woman, a birthday was the perfect occasion to host the ultimate butter party.

Amanda Gajdosik, known on TikTok as @midwestnicemakes, has long shared her love of butter on social media. Not only does she work and create food-related content, but she even got a butterstick tattoo to honor her love of the spread.

“I have been cooking and baking my entire life. I have a deep affection for Julia Child, Ina Garten and my paternal grandmother, Marion, who was one of the best cooks I have ever known. I worked in restaurants for 13 years and at one point ran a pastry program. At other times I was head baker, producing hundreds of loaves of bread, croissants, cinnamon rolls and more every day,” Amanda tells PEOPLE.

“Food has always been a great source of comfort and creativity for me. Butter is simply one of the best materials to work with! You can make it sweet, savory, or both.”

Amanda took the opportunity to host a butter celebration as she and her husband Seth Muskavitch's birthdays approached.

“Our birthdays are only a week apart and this year mine was the day before Easter, so his birthday was a better choice for a celebration. We both invited a few of our friends and had a big butter and birthday party,” she says.

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Every detail of the party was themed — including a banner that read “Churn Down for What?” — as seen in the now-viral TikTok, which has garnered nearly a million views.

The centerpiece of the event was the menu full of delicious treats that used many of Amanda's favorite ingredients.

“My husband and I cooked, baked and prepared everything. We love hosting and generally just want our friends to take care of spreading good vibes and good times,” she explains. “Two of our friends did us a huge favor by bringing delicious sourdough bread and ciabatta bread from a local bakery so everyone could enjoy the bread and different types of butter.”

When it came to putting together the menu, “I just thought of the obvious — compound butter and shortbread — and then used that as a starting point. So if we have butter, what else can we have? Buttermilk is directly related to butter. What's the best thing to make with buttermilk? Fried chicken, of course. What goes with fried chicken? Waffles, of course!”

“I lived in the South for a while, so it was a natural thing to put this dish on the menu,” she continues. And while you're having chicken and waffles, you might as well throw in buttermilk biscuits to cover all the hearty Southern dishes.”

There were plenty of buttered treats, from popcorn to pasta, that didn't make the cut, but ultimately the couple were “really happy with how the menu worked out.”

“We had a wide variety of sweet and savory mains and sides. We even managed to fit in a good amount of vegetables because we served them with homemade buttermilk ranch dressing and buttered radishes! It was a big goal to make everything thematic and cohesive, and I think we succeeded.”

For drinks, she chose butter wines from JaM Cellars, noting that she's “been a fan for some time and this was the perfect excuse to buy all the varieties that everyone liked.”

Her guests from in town and out of town loved the results, with one of Amanda's family recipes taking center stage.

“For someone to take the time to come and have a silly little party and eat some amazingly delicious food was more than I could have asked for. We are lucky to have such a great group of friends,” she says.

“One insider tip that I didn't expect would get so much attention was my great-grandmother's recipe for brown butter toffee bars. I've been baking them since college and knew I wanted to serve them because they fit the theme. But I had no idea so many people would enjoy them at the actual party and then ask for the recipe online. I'm very proud that a cherished family recipe can now be enjoyed by so many!”

The crowd favorite was undoubtedly Seth's masterfully prepared buttermilk fried chicken.

“Seth is a master of the fryer and all of our guests have told us how delicious the chicken was. Perfectly seasoned, deep golden brown and absolutely delicious!”

Amanda was also grateful for the treats from Plugrà Butter, which made her celebration extra special.

“I was lucky enough to receive butter and some baking utensils from Plugrà Butter, a brand I have known and used in my professional career for almost 15 years,” she explains.

“Making gift bags for all of our guests with a pound of European butter, pastry brushes, dough scrapers and homemade jam was really special. It reminded me of making gift bags for themed birthday parties as a little kid and that's exactly what this celebration reminded me of,” she says, adding, “Just because we're adults now doesn't mean we can't celebrate our birthdays or things we love very much anymore!”

As exciting as the result of the party was, Amanda was still surprised by the creation on the internet. For her, it is proof that “people respond to authenticity.”

“Fortunately or unfortunately, I've always been very open about what I enjoy. Whether it's singing along to musicals, an obsession with my dog, or an unbridled love of butter, it's just more fun to love your life out loud. I'm deeply proud of being from Wisconsin and all that means to the people: the beer, the cheese, the Jell-O salads, and more,” she says.

“I've found that people really respond to my authentic life, and I'm happy to share it as long as people are interested. Just me and Seth, our little life in our little house with our little dog… and a whole lot of butter.”