Father gives tips on raising teenagers in hilarious viral video

Raising teenagers is a class of its own, and Chip Leighton, a comedian and father, apparently hit a sore spot when he revealed his rules for what not to do as a father of constantly embarrassed teenagers.

His seven-part collection “Things Not to Do When You Have Teenagers” has been viewed millions of times on Instagram, with a similar result on TikTok.

His observational humor, which addresses just some of the ridiculous things that embarrass teenagers, is very relatable.

Chip Leighton went viral on TikTok with his hilarious parenting tips. TikTok / @the_leighton_show

“Don’t bring out a plate of food.”

“Okay, so first of all, don’t bring out a plate of food when friends are over,” Chip begins his latest viral list on Instagram.

“This is way too pushy and seems kind of desperate. Next, you should (not) talk to your children's friend.

“If you're driving them somewhere, don't say hello or give them any consideration. Be careful when you look in the rearview mirror because they might think you're staring at them. Remember, you're just an anonymous Uber driver.”

Leighton's amusing video includes a list of parenting tips for dealing with teenagers. Facebook / Chip Leighton

Chip's hilarious list of rules continues with the advice that you should never see your teenagers running as it could cause them permanent psychological damage.

“I don't care how hard it's raining or if you're trying to catch an airport shuttle. Watching that will do them more harm than watching the eclipse, and if you trip and fall, they're obviously going to need a lot of therapy.”

“It's super scary.”

Chip's fourth point is to never smile at a baby when it is in the company of a teenager.

“This is super scary, stop, stop,” says the comedian with a serious expression.

Last on his list is the crime of bringing his own chair to a sporting event.

In his video, Leighton shared funny anecdotes from raising his own teenagers. Facebook / Chip Leighton

“It draws too much attention to you, so either sit in the stands or stand, despite the debilitating back pain it causes.”

The comments from the chips fans are hilarious.

“I was bringing a plate of cookies to my son and his friends while trying to back away without making eye contact,” one mother said.

“I tripped over one of her shoes and fell into one of them… My son will NEVER let me forget this and I am scarred for life.”

“My daughter was embarrassed.”

Another mother describes the cutting comments about her teenage son as follows: “My son said a plate of snacks was for little kids!”

Many commenters could relate to the topic of conversations with their teenager's friends.

Leighton's witty advice inspired hilarious comments from other parents. TikTok / @the_leighton_show

“I made the mistake of asking my daughter’s friend on the way home how her spring break was,” said one mother.

“I thought we had a nice conversation. My daughter was obviously embarrassed!”

“I've been told I'm too 'talkative' when driving the kids and their friends,” said another parent.

“Apparently there were text messages in the vehicle saying 'Why is your mother talking to me?'”