Jennifer Garner’s dog masters the viral “Hands In” challenge

Jennifer Garner's golden retriever Birdie is on her side and she's not afraid to show it.

The 30 over night The 52-year-old star took to Instagram on Wednesday, June 5, to post a video of her dog Birdie completing the popular social media challenge “Hands in” (or “Paws in”) on his first try.

In this challenge, pet owners place their hands together in front of their cat and dog's noses to see if the animal will join in, like a team preparing to cheer together.

“Trying the 'hands in' challenge with Birdie,” Garner wrote over the video, in which she and someone outside of the camera's view try the animal trick in front of the golden retriever to see if the dog will cooperate.

In the clip, Garner and the other person put their hands on top of each other. Then the actress tells the other person to lower their hand so Birdie can see what's happening.

“Did you see it, Birdie? Yes, you did,” Garner asks her dog.

In response, the dog puts his paw on the human’s hands.

A delighted Garner laughs at the result and says without surprise, “I mean, the first time,” to the person outside the camera's view.

“I had much less success with the puppy,” said the Alias the star admitted in the caption of the social media video.

Birdie is a certified therapy dog ​​who often visits patients at Children's Hospital of Los Angeles to provide comfort and support, so Garner and her friend likely assumed the well-trained dog would pass the hands-in test on the first try.

Jennifer Garner and her Golden Retriever Birdie.

Jennifer Garner/ Instagram

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Philip Tedeschi, co-director of the Institute for Animal Sentience and Protection, told The Washington Post why many dogs understand the task on the first try.

“Dogs, like children at a young age, have the ability to imitate or mirror what they observe,” he said, adding that dogs use their paws in a similar way to how humans use their hands.

Jennifer Garner attends The Daily Front Row's eighth annual Fashion Los Angeles Awards in 2024.

Emma McIntyre/Getty

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“Many dogs are trained early on to do things like shaking hands, so I suspect many dogs see this as a pretty familiar behavior,” he said.