Cosplay from Beyond Journey's End goes viral because it hits the slopes

Frieren may be an incredibly powerful sorceress, but this viral cosplay proves she can take on the best of them.

Freeze: Beyond Journey's End became a fan favorite thanks to the anime adaptation by Studio Madhouse to introduce many to this interesting fantasy world. While Frieren's story had many struggles in the first season, the main impetus was the mentality of a nearly immortal being trying to connect with humanity after the loss of a dear friend. While there have been more than a few cosplays that have brought the elven sorceress to life, none have seen the anime protagonist tearing down the slopes in a way that makes the character go viral.

Despite the success of Frier's Anime, Madhouse has not yet confirmed if a second season is on the way. As the manga continues to follow the immortal elf, there are still many stories that need to be adapted for the small screen. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this article Freeze: Beyond Journey's End is on indefinite hiatus, with no exact reason for the hiatus announced. Hopefully, we'll see the anime protagonist return in both the manga and anime adaptation in the future.

Freezing goes viral through snowboarding

Of course, given the fantasy world Frieren is set in, she had little chance of hitting a snowboard during her exploits. However, that didn't stop one cosplayer from imagining the elf racing down a mountain while the cosplayer shared both her perfect attire and her snowboarding skills. Even if Frieren returns for a second season, it's unlikely she'll take a leaf out of this cosplayer's book.

If you want to immerse yourself in the world of Freezethe first season of the anime adaptation can be streamed on Crunchyroll. This is how the streaming service describes the series, which is popular with fans: “After the group of heroes defeated the demon king, they brought peace back to the land and returned to a solitary life. Generations pass and the elf magician Frieren is confronted with the mortality of humanity. She takes on a new apprentice and promises to fulfill the final wishes of old friends. Can an elf spirit make peace with the nature of life and death? Frieren sets out on a quest to find out.”

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