Washington, DC police seize unregistered vehicles and arrest five people during security operation – NBC4 Washington

Police in Washington, DC, are cracking down on scooters, many of which are driven by delivery drivers, saying many riders are using unregistered vehicles.

In a recent operation by the Washington, DC Police Department's Special Operations Division, 17 unregistered scooters were confiscated and five people were arrested for driving without a permit.

“This is the first of many,” said Captain Daniel Harrington of the Special Operations Division. “And it will happen anywhere in the city where we see problems like this. It's not just one place, one time.”

Cyclist Tonya Ramsey expressed concerns about the safety risks these scooters pose. “There's no parking for the cars. They're in the way, they don't respect the bike lanes, they don't respect the cars. It's terrible,” she said. “That's why they keep falling over there and crashing. They're always swerving, coming straight, they don't care.”

According to Washington, DC police, the message for scooter riders is clear: They must be registered, have a driver's license and be insured.

“They don't obey the rules of the road,” Harrington said. “It's all about safety, about educating them and then getting them to voluntarily obey the laws.”

Last month, lawmakers in Washington, DC, introduced the Moped Registration Accountability Act, which would require rental companies to register their scooter fleets and ensure they are insured. Companies would also have to provide proof of registration and vehicle classification before selling the vehicles.

“I want them to continue to do their work and get their money, but the packages they [riding] in … they have to break it down,” Ramsey added.