Jonathan Anderson creates viral ‘Loewe’ tomato bag inspired by a meme

When life gives you tomatoes, grab a handful.

A photo of a large heirloom tomato with deep ridges and grooves running from top to bottom went viral on X (formerly known as Twitter) thanks to a comparison of the fruit to Loewe's designs. “This tomato is so Loewe, I can't explain it,” user @homocowboi shared on Monday, since receiving more than 98,000 likes on his post.

Jonathan Anderson, the creative behind Loewe, seized on the viral moment and shared a screenshot of the post on his personal Instagram account on Tuesday. But the designer didn't stop there.

Inspired by the heirloom tomato variety, Anderson designed a clutch with the same ribbed pattern as the fruit and a gold sepal that acts as a lock. “Loewe meme to reality,” the designer wrote on his Instagram on Thursday.

The clutch unveiling video was viewed over 900,000 times in less than 5 hours.

Although the latest viral moment seems to have happened organically, Anderson has a long history of releasing products that are a hit on social media. In April, he released Loewe's viral “I Told Ya” T-shirt, inspired by Zendaya's character Tashi Donaldson in the movie “Challengers.” The T-shirt quickly took over the internet, and even celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence were seen wearing it.

Under his eponymous brand, Anderson has previously released unusual bags in the shapes of a dove, a frog and a pillow.