Message on bathroom wall leads to arrest of Rochester student

Message on bathroom wall leads to arrest of Rochester student

(OCSO, June 7, 2024)

Rochester, MI – A 16-year-old Rochester High School student who wrote threatening graffiti on a restroom wall in hopes of getting class canceled to avoid a test was arrested today.

The student, a sophomore, was taken to Oakland County Children's Village today and is expected to face charges of threatening to commit an act of violence against a school.

“We have zero tolerance for individuals who make threats against a school or any other location,” Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said. “All threats are investigated and we will seek to hold perpetrators accountable. A threat in and of itself terrorizes our community and is completely unacceptable. We are proud of the student who reported the threat because students or school officials are more likely to see or hear a threat than we are and getting involved is a critical part of preventing a threat or safety risk.”

The school administration was alerted by a student that a threatening message in the form of graffiti had been discovered in the men's restroom on Wednesday afternoon and alerted the sheriff's deputies.

The message read: “Something bad [sic] will happen Friday” and “stay home Friday, [sic] get bad [sic] happens on Friday.”

The school resource officer working with school officials was able to identify and arrest the person responsible. The student admitted that he wanted to cancel class because he was unprepared for a test. Rochester Community Schools sent a letter to the families of the high school students informing them of the incident.

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