Party boy Corey Worthington's surprising confession 16 years after a viral interview

While the UK was hearing “Charlie Bit My Finger” and the US was hearing “Chocolate Rain”, Australia had a much more controversial star going viral in the early 2000s. Corey Worthington made headlines around the world in 2008 when he threw an out-of-control party at his parents’ house in Melbourne, which he announced on Myspace, followed by a shirtless interview with A current affair.

The then 16-year-old was instantly recognizable thanks to his bleached hair and famous yellow sunglasses and later joined Big Brother later this year. Corey has now reflected on his viral fame 16 years later and revealed the unique (and very questionable) ways he managed to capitalize on his iconic looks.


The former party boy, who is barely recognizable with his long brown hair, non-neon sunglasses and tattoos up to his neck, posted a video on TikTok on Thursday detailing how he “swindled” the now-defunct Zoo Magazine out of $2,000.

“So guys, Zoo Magazine contacted me like everyone else and wanted a piece of the party stuff, I guess mainly the sunglasses at the time,” he said. “They wanted to buy my yellow sunglasses. [for] two grand in cash and I just thought, 'Yeah, great.'”

Party boy Corey Worthington in 2024.

Corey revealed that he made $2,000 by selling a pair of “fake” yellow sunglasses to Zoo Magazine. Photos: TikTok/corey.worthington3

Corey explained that before meeting someone from the magazine at Fountain Gate Westfield, he ran to the shops to buy a second pair of the exact same yellow sunglasses.

“I think it was Dotti or something at the time. I went out and bought the sunglasses, they were $20,” he said. “I took mine off because I was wearing them, put them in my pocket, put on the others that I had just paid $20 for, walked out the door, met Zoo, did a little interview and gave them my sunglasses, and they gave me $2,000 in cash.

“So that's my story of how I scammed Zoo Magazine with a pair of 'fake' yellow sunglasses.”

Finally, the publication held a prize draw where the reader who uploaded the “wildest picture from their party” would receive the famous accessory – although they reportedly didn’t own it for long.

“I’m pretty sure what [the winner] “They took a steamroller and just ran over my sunglasses,” Corey claimed. “I still won two grand, so happy days to me and fuck off, Zoo!”

Corey's video has been viewed tens of thousands of times since it was posted, with users calling him a “legend” in the comments.

“Cool story bro. You're obviously still successful in life,” one person shared, and someone else wrote, “Business bro. Respect.”

“The TikTok profile we didn't know we needed,” replied a third, followed by another user who said, “The man, the myth, the legend!”


“I feel a party coming,” added another, while others asked if he still had the original sunglasses.

“Leila would roll her eyes in disgust,” one user noted, referring to his infamous interview with ACA Journalist Leila McKinnon, where he refused to take off his glasses.

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