Irish aunt dances at her Bengali nephew's wedding reception. Viral video shocks people | Trending

Intercultural marriages celebrate diversity and open up opportunities for people to learn new things about each other's traditions. These aspects are perfectly highlighted in this video shared by Irish woman Carrie Boyd-Shah. The footage shows her dancing at a wedding. While sharing the clip, she mentioned that it shows her performance at her Bengali nephew's pre-wedding event.

The picture shows an Irish woman dancing in a sari at the wedding reception of her Bengali nephew. (Instagram/@theboydshahhome)

“Something different from me today, no home content from me this week as we are celebrating our nephew's wedding. I danced with my nieces at his mehndi party,” Boyd-Shah wrote while posting the video on Instagram. In response to a comment on her post, she also added that she is married to a Bengali family.

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In the clip, she is seen wearing a beautiful sari with traditional jewelry. As the video progresses, she shows beautiful dance steps.

Watch the dance video here:

Since its release, the video has garnered over 730,000 views. The shared video has also received nearly 12,000 likes. While sharing the video, people have made different comments.

What do Instagram users say about this clip?

“You look like Katy Perry,” wrote one Instagram user. Several others expressed similar sentiments.

“Oh how beautiful. You look fabulous,” added another.

“I'm just amazed you remember the dance! You look incredible, Carrie!” a third commented.

“Carrie, you are an absolute superstar!! You look so amazing,” praised a fourth.

Carrie Boyd-Shah mainly posts DIY interior design ideas on her Instagram page. Every now and then she also gives a glimpse of her beautiful family – her husband and two daughters.

What do you think about this dance video? Did the clip impress you?