A bride's zero-waste wedding video goes viral on Instagram

A bride has wowed the internet audience with her Instagram video of a zero-waste wedding ceremony. The film gives an insight into their wedding celebrations and shows how much attention to detail was put into everything from the decorations to the food, resulting in minimal waste.

Who went viral with their sustainable, zero-waste wedding?

Dr. Poorvi Bhat made headlines on Instagram with a sustainable, zero-waste wedding | Image: Instagram

Dr. Poorvi Bhat made headlines on Instagram with a sustainable, zero-waste wedding.

In her Instagram post, she wrote: “I don't know if this is what experts would call a zero-waste wedding, but we produced no plastic at the event and did everything we could to minimize our footprint. It was only through the collaboration of our families that my dream of a zero-waste wedding was possible. My mother was the genius behind everything, she planned and organized the entire event and it was very fulfilling for me to have our connection come about like this.”

What content was considered at the wedding to promote sustainability?

The imaginative measures implemented during the ceremony | Image: Instagram

The imaginative measures implemented throughout the ceremony were simply remarkable. The guests were given gifts in jute bags, a sustainable alternative to conventional packaging.

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The Water The water used for washing hands was deliberately directed towards trees so that it could regenerate the surrounding environment. The centrepiece of the wedding, the 'mantapa' or wedding fence, was made from sugarcane trunks, a renewable resource with dual benefits.

Following the celebrations, the sugarcane structure was reused as cow feed, producing minimal waste.

Disposable cups and plates were conspicuously absent from the celebrations and were replaced by traditional banana leaf plates and sturdy steel glasses. Even the decor reflected the no loss Approach that uses trunks, leaves and branches of mango and coconut trees due to their low water consumption.

To dispose of the waste generated during the event, a composting system was installed on the farm where the wedding took place. This ensured that even the smallest debris was recycled into useful compost for later use.

How did people react online?

Bhat's idea has sparked much praise and discussion on social media, with many praising her commitment to environmental protection. sustainability and asked about similar practices at weddings around the world. Someone commented, “This is how Indian weddings should be culturally.”

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A second user said, “Oh man normalize this!” A third person commented, “That's exactly how I want mine. You are an icon.” Watch the viral video here.

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