Gun crime trial against Hunter Biden: Charges could be suspended on Friday

Hallie Biden gave matter-of-fact answers to prosecutors on Thursday as they peppered her with questions about her relationship with Hunter Biden. She spoke about how she learned that Hunter Biden was using crack and the events surrounding her panicked dumping of Hunter Biden in October 2018.

“I found [crack] and googled it because I didn't know what it was,” Hallie Biden told the court of the moment she first saw the drug in her home. “[Hunter Biden] told me what it was, crack cocaine.”

Hallie Biden, who testified under immunity, said she smoked crack and even accompanied Hunter Biden on drug deals. She was clean in August 2018.

The widowed mother of two was accompanied in court by her husband John Hopkins Anning, whom she married just last weekend.

She was questioned by prosecutors and defense attorneys about the discovery of Hunter Biden's gun in the console of his truck on her Wilmington property. She stated that Hunter Biden, after not seeing him for a while, visited her home late on October 22, 2018, or early on October 23, and that he looked “tired, exhausted” and “under the influence of drugs.”

After dropping her children off at school on the morning of October 23, Hallie Biden went over to clean out Hunter Biden's truck and rid him of any drugs and alcohol she might have in an effort to encourage his sobriety.

“Besides garbage and clothing, I found traces of crack cocaine and odds and ends – and of course the gun,” she said.

Hallie Biden said she “panicked” when she found the gun, which also included a box of ammunition and a few loose bullets, and put everything that appeared to be related to the gun into a leather bag she also found in the truck, which she then placed in a grocery bag.

“I panicked and wanted to get rid of them,” she said of the gun and the box of ammunition. “I didn't want him to get hurt or [for] that my children find it and get hurt.”

She then drove to a nearby convenience store called Janssen's Market and threw the gun into a trash can outside the store. Surveillance footage was presented to the court showing her throwing the bag containing the bag and gun into the trash can.

She told the court that she was “confused” when she discovered the firearm and that she now realizes that in her “panic” she had come up with a “stupid idea.”

Hallie Biden addressed her messages and phone calls with Hunter Biden in court after she disposed of the gun.

“I just wanted to pretend it wasn't me,” she said, before Hunter Biden noticed his gun was missing and texted her, “Did you take it from me?”

The first son was apparently angry about her behavior regarding the gun and told her to go back to the store and “look for it.” She said that after her attempts to find the gun in the trash can, Hunter Biden told her to contact the police and file a report.

Emma Colton of Fox News Digital contributed to this update.