“My mother-in-law’s text messages” go viral because everyone should be so lucky

When talking about mothers-in-law, you often hear not-so-great stories. But one woman tells the opposite – mom Nancy Anderson went viral with her Instagram post in which she shared a series of screenshots of texts from her mother-in-law that are so sweet and supportive, they're making the whole internet jealous.

“MIL inspiration from my MIL,” Anderson wrote in the caption.

In the picture carousel, she posted screenshots of messages in which her mother-in-law gives advice and support and asks her to help her with the children and around the house.

“I don't have any meetings tomorrow. I can help where needed,” one text message says. “I'm happy to do a night shift with the baby or just come in really early to get the boy ready and take him to school.”

Um, can we accept your offer?

Another text reads: “Happy birthday, my wonderful daughter-in-law. I hope you have a wonderful day. I am already offering my services for 2025 to (hopefully) organize a nice short vacation for you and Max to celebrate this milestone birthday.”

In another text message, Anderson's mother-in-law wrote her shortly after 5 a.m.: “I'm awake and in the living room if you want to send someone down when you get up. I can watch!”

What would we give for the gift of being able to sleep in!

And in another message, she responds to a photo of Anderson and her husband on a date and reports: “All the kids have showered, eaten dinner, and are chilling on their iPads.”

Having a good relationship with your mother-in-law (or better yet, just dreaming of having a mother-in-law) is very beneficial to the overall functioning of the family. Such grandparents are an excellent source of support for parents – they help with childcare, give advice, and provide emotional support. If you have a good relationship with your mother-in-law, she is more likely to take an active part in your children's lives, which can benefit the entire family.

Moreover, family harmony is actually achievable when the in-laws have a good relationship with each other. Conflicts between parents and in-laws can lead to tension and stress in the family, which can negatively affect the children. Having a positive relationship with your mother-in-law promotes a harmonious family environment, which is vital for the emotional well-being and development of children.

The comments on the viral post make it clear that this is a rare gift – but for many people, it is also healing to see a kind and loving mother-in-law.

“It used to make me sad to read something like this because I truly have a horrible mother-in-law, maybe even the worst, but now it makes me so happy because I can't WAIT to be that kind of person for my daughter and her husband one day!! I'm also so thankful for the women who understand this and it's so sweet that you know how special it is,” one mom wrote.

Another added: “She is amazing! And she heals wounds she did not cause.”

Can we all talk to Anderson's mother-in-law now?