Meghan Markle's most valuable necklace made this brand viral

It's hard to imagine a time when the Duchess of Sussex wasn't making headlines, not only for her relationship with Prince Harry, but also for her elite fashion and beauty skills. The super-stylish former Suits star sells out stores everywhere she goes, in everything she wears. The “Meghan Effect” is still in full swing, and we're into it!

Meghan Markle wore Princess Diana’s jewels six times

While the stunning American actress was hanging out with Prince William's little brother, photographers snapped a photo of the now mother of two running errands while wearing a beautiful personalized necklace with Harry's initials.

The asymmetrical letter necklace sold out immediately and people loved the design. This subtle approach almost confirmed the relationship and the necklace caught everyone's eye and made Maya Brenner's incredible brand known.

It's been nearly 25 years since the brand's founder and CEO, Maya Brenner, started her company. After Meghan was spotted wearing the necklace, it led to a major brand expansion and the opening of studios in the UK to handle orders from the UK and mainland Europe. Wow!

Meghan wore this beautiful necklace with Maya Brenner's initial when she first went out with Prince Harry

We met the former social worker and she told us in detail how the Queen changed her business.

The Meghan Effect

Maya explained that everything changed after Meghan rocked her designs. “Meghan wearing our letter necklace had a phenomenal impact on our business, especially as it was just three weeks before Christmas, our busiest time of year. The photo of her wearing the necklace went viral almost instantly, leading to an overwhelming increase in orders, enquiries and global attention. The necklace became story as it was confirmation of her and Harry's relationship, something the public had been eagerly awaiting, which further increased its popularity.”

The Clarity Retreat Necklace by Maya Brenner

Maya had no idea the LA-born beauty would be wearing her jewelry. “We had no idea Meghan would be wearing the necklace. Our asymmetrical letter necklace is one of our signature designs that our customers instantly recognize. We've been making this piece since 2007, inspired by the birth of my daughter, and it's really special that it's garnering so much attention.”

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Meghan wears the “Clarity Retreat” necklace by Maya Brenner x Abigail Spencer

And it's not just the initial necklace, Meghan has worn other styles from Maya's brand as well. “Meghan has also been seen wearing our 'Crystal Retreat Necklace'. Notably, she wore it while hiking in California over coronation weekend, which naturally attracted a lot of attention. While some speculated that she was trying to send a message, in reality the 'Crystal Retreat Necklace' is simply a versatile and treasured piece that feels great for any occasion.”

Maya's brand has a huge celebrity following; her designs are worn by homegrown talent such as Frankie Bridge and Rita Ora, as well as Halle Berry and Meghan's former Suits co-star Abigail Spencer.

What a customer list!