Chahat Fateh Ali Khan's viral hit 'Bado Badi' removed from YouTube. Here's why

The song's success extended throughout South Asia.

The latest hit by Pakistani singer Chahat Fateh Ali Khan, 'Bado Badi' was removed from YouTube due to a copyright dispute. The song, which quickly gained popularity across South Asia, is said to be a rendition of a classical piece originally performed by iconic Pakistani artist Noor Jehan in the 1973 film. “Banarasi thugs.”

Although Khan’s version of “Bado Badi” was removed from the platform due to allegations of copyright infringement.

The song's success crossed borders and attracted widespread attention in countries such as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Watch the video here:

Chahat Fateh Ali Khan first rose to fame during the Covid-19 lockdown in 2020 through his music videos shared on various online platforms. His repertoire includes songs like “Pyara PSL”, “Lota Lota”, “Gol Kattara”, And “Tu Chor Chor Chor”, characterized by repetitive beats and modified lyrics of existing tracks, which often leads to divided opinions among listeners.

His unique approach to music has spawned numerous memes online and he even received an invitation to the 2023 IPPA Awards.

However, Khan's unconventional style has drawn mixed reactions from audiences. Some find it entertaining, while others criticise it for its lack of musical depth. This ongoing debate surrounding his work reflects broader discussions about entertainment, audience participation and the definition of artistic expression.

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