The Best Killer Vault Speed ​​Build Guide

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The central theses

  • The build does not involve any slowing or aura reading, instead focusing solely on jumping through windows to gain maximum speed.

  • Perks include Dark Arrogance, Bamboozle, Superior Anatomy, and Fire Up to improve jump speed.

  • Combine perks strategically to jump faster. For example, avoid blinds and make killer decisions with built-in jump speeds.

One of the best feelings you can have in Dead by Daylight is getting a killer build up and running – especially a meme build. This build is undeniably meme-worthy, as it involves absolutely no game slowdown or aura reading and focuses solely on jumping through windows. This build comes from Twoknee's video getting this build up and running, and this guide will give you tips on how to use it to its full potential. Let's get started.

Selection of benefits

With the addition of Vecna, we got a new jump speed perk called Dark Arrogance. While it will slow us down if we get stunned or blinded, when combined with the other classic jump speed perks Dead by Daylight has to offer, it's extremely good. For memes, of course.

You benefit from the following advantages:

  • Dark Arrogance (Vecna)

  • Bamboozle (Clown)

  • Superior Anatomy (Mastermind)

  • Fire at will (nightmare)

All of these perks are designed to speed up jumping, but they work slightly differently.

How to use the Vault Build

Dark Arrogance lets you do some quick loops. However, you should be careful of the tiles your survivors are running you towards. If there are pallets or wide open areas that would make a killer blind easy, keep that in mind when chasing them. Your stuns and blinds will last 25% longer, with the bonus of jumping 25% faster. You could technically This build will allow you to jump faster than a survivor can blind you, but still be careful. Survivors may have broken flashlights – avoid them.

Bamboozle gives you an additional 15% jump speed at the highest rank while also blocking windows for 16 seconds. Combining this effect with the jump speed build effectively neutralizes tiles like the Killer Hut (except the Palette). This perk is often combined with Superior Anatomy to give you an additional 40% window jump speed when a Survivor within 8 meters of you performs a rushed jump action. To take advantage of this, you will need to track these Survivors as you want them to jump Before you are doing.

Superior Anatomy has a cooldown of 30 seconds.

Lastly, we use Fire Up. At the highest rank, this perk gives us a stacking buff of 4% per token, up to a maximum of 20%, for the following action speeds:

  • Pick up and drop off survivors,

  • Destroy walls, pallets and generators,

  • And of course vaulted windows.

Whether or not these advantages stack multiplicatively is unclear, but the jumps are insanely fast, jumping almost twice as fast as survivors.

Dead by Daylight evil

Killer decisions

You can run these perks on any killer now, but the killers that get the most benefit from this quick jump are the ones that have jump speed built in. Especially when you consider add-ons. You have a few options here.

  • Wraith with the purple and green Shadow Dance add-ons.

  • Myers with the add-ons “Scented Tuft of Hair” and “J. Myers Memorial”.

With Myers, one could argue that replacing Superior Anatomy with Play With Your Food would result in an overall more lethal physique. I recommend experimenting with this and finding what works best for you.

Wraith will jump faster than Myers, but Myers will be in infinite tier III with this build. Choose your poison.


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