Director of “Longlegs” announces Nicolas Cage’s serial killer in new horror film


  • Nicolas Cage's transformation into
    Long legs
    is so extreme that he is unrecognizable – a feat that viewers have never seen before.
  • Osgood Perkins drops hints about Cage's role as a mysterious killer in the film, increasing the tension and hype surrounding his performance.
  • Long legs
    takes a less-is-more marketing approach, offering only a brief glimpse of Cage in the trailer to leave audiences wanting more.

Long legs Director Osgood Perkins says Nicolas Cage is “unrecognizable” as the horror film’s serial killer. Over the course of his long and distinguished career, he has played almost every role imaginable, including the legendary Dracula in the 2023 horror comedy RenfieldBut Cage may never have been as scary as he is in the upcoming supernatural horror filmLong legsin which he plays a mysterious killer wanted by the FBI.

Cage's role is kept secret, only a brief glimpse can be seen in the current trailer, and director Perkins only adds to the film Long legs Mystic with his new remarks, in which he talks about Cage's performance in the film and promises a version of the actor that viewers have literally never seen before. Check out his remarks below (from SFX Magazine above Games Radar):

“We derived the voice of the character, the look of the character, the attitude. What references will Nic use in terms of people in his life or other actors? He's very open about the fact that he often draws inspiration from other people. So what other person will he be playing? When he arrives on set, he's unrecognizable. He doesn't sound like himself, he doesn't walk like himself. So you have this element, like wind or fire, but it's Nicolas Cage as your character.”

Why Longlegs’ marketing structure has been perfect so far

At a time when films are often accused of revealing too much in their marketing, Long legs tries a different approach, especially when it comes to the lead actor. The film's atmospheric trailer features just a single shot of Cage, a missable moment that hints at his bizarre appearance in the film but otherwise reveals nothing about him. This brief taste of Cage's role as a serial killer is intended to leave moviegoers wanting more.

Perkins' new comments on Cage's performance fit with this “less is more” marketing approach. The director reveals next to nothing about the film's titular killer, but plays up Cage's performance, adding to the mystery surrounding the character and heightening suspense about what exactly Cage will unleash when he takes on perhaps the most terrifying role of his career.

Long legs
will be released on July 12, 2024

Cage has appeared in a handful of horror films, such as the aforementioned Renfieldas well as this year’s Arcadianto name just two, and he seems perfect for the genre. In fact, Cage has untapped potential as a truly iconic horror star. Long legs could be Cage's first step toward becoming the next Vincent Price or Robert Englund, a move that would give him a great final act of his career. So far, the few signs suggest that his latest horror outing represents a career high point for the longtime actor.

Source: SFX Magazine (via GamesRadar)