Authorities arrest two more people in connection with the killing of a Homestead woman in central Florida

SANFORD, Florida. – It involved the brazen kidnapping of a Homestead woman in broad daylight, who was apparently tied up.

But on Thursday, Seminole County prosecutors dropped a bombshell in court when they revealed that four people were behind the kidnapping and murder of Katherine Aguasvivas in April.

They say Giovany Crespo Hernandez, the man Aguasvivas drove to see from South Florida and who has so far only been charged with drug offenses, called his co-conspirators because he wanted to defraud her of $170,000 in drug money she was getting from him.

Pictures showed the suspected kidnappers Jordanish Torres Garcia and Kevin Ocasio Justiniano buying lighter fluid at a gas station in order to intercept their victim.

Another image showed the convoy of cars driving along a highway to a construction site, where Aguasvivas was doused with the liquid, shot and then set on fire along with his car.

Among the recent arrests is Dereck Alexis Rodriguez Bonilla, a man from Central Florida who prosecutors say drove to the construction site in his mother's car and gave the kidnappers the gun they used to shoot both Aguasvivas and the tow truck driver in a passing car the night before the kidnapping.

Authorities believe the tow truck driver was murdered after towing one of the suspects' vehicles.

Prosecutors said the suspects took something from the back of the tow truck driver's car after he died, but did not provide any further details.

According to court documents, some of the defendants have already made partial confessions, making it difficult for their lawyers to defend them.

The maximum penalty that could be imposed on each of the four men is death.

Former Orange County Sheriff's Deputy Francisco Estrella is also charged with several serious crimes in this case. He is accused of improperly accessing information about the case and sharing it with the victim's husband, a childhood friend of the deputy's wife.

However, Estrella claims he was falsely linked to the crimes.

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