Donald Trump reacts to Joe Biden's embarrassing viral video in France after claims he was 'controlled by an evil force'

Donald Trump has only joined TikTok for less than a week and has already started attacking his rivals. The former US president has broken his silence on a viral video showing President Joe Biden in an “embarrassing” situation. The clip, which shows Biden's obvious confusion during a diplomatic exchange in France, has become a hot topic of discussion, leaving the public confused and raising eyebrows with concern for his well-being. Now, Trump's remarks are only adding fuel to the fire.

Donald Trump comments on Biden's “squatting” moment

Donald Trump marched toward a bitter rematch against President Joe Biden in November on March 6, 2024, while his last Republican rival, Nikki Haley, threw in the towel after a crushing defeat in the Super Tuesday primaries. (Photo by TANNEN MAURY and Brendan Smialowski / AFP)(AFP)

Joe Biden, accompanied by First Lady Jill Biden, arrived in Normandy, France, to attend the D-Day events attended by 25 heads of state. The event took place on Omaha Beach in the town of Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer. Amid speeches and conversations, one clip caught everyone's attention: Biden stood between French President Emmanuel Macron, his wife Brigitte Macron, and Jill Biden. Suddenly, he seemed lost in thought and froze briefly while trying to sit down or change his position, while Jill Biden whispered something with her hand on her lips.

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The video quickly went viral, especially as concerns about the president's health and well-being already exist. One user commented: “Completely normal behavior for a president. What exactly is he trying to do here?”

The clip has now caught the attention of Donald Trump, who continues to express his frustration following his conviction in the hush money trial. During a TikTok interview with right-wing activist and Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk, Trump remarked, “He goes to France and something happened and it's not good, I don't know what it is,” referring to Biden's embarrassing moment. The president, who turns 82 in November, has a history of embarrassing missteps at major events.

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Donald Trump: Biden is “controlled by evil forces”

The Republican leader, who is vying for the White House for the second time, appeared on the Dr. Phil McGraw Show, where he spoke candidly about a variety of topics, from criticism of Biden to news about his wife Melania, son Barron and more. When asked about the most difficult times he experienced after his historic conviction, Trump replied: “You have to be very strong. You are fighting against extremely evil and highly intelligent forces. There are individuals who are controlling Biden. That is absolutely true.”

He criticized the sick ideology of these individuals, adding: “They may be true believers, which is their sick ideology. But you have to be smart and you have to have self-confidence. I mean, you have to have a certain self-confidence.”