Young Cuban dancer goes viral on TikTok with “La Temba” performance with his mother

Jaison Rodrigueza young Cuban dancer, has taken social media by storm with a video he shared on his platforms in which he danced to the rhythm of “La Temba” from Silky La Niña. What makes this video stand out among the many others that showcase his talent and versatility in dance is the presence of his mother dancing alongside him.

The result? In just over four weeks, the video was uploaded to Tick ​​​​Tock has received more than 11,000 likes and over 144,000 views. The scene takes place on an Italian street, where mother and son perform their synchronized and energetic moves to the delight of the spectators.

In the comments on the viral video, users were quick to respond with messages of admiration and praise. One commented: “Oh my God, now we know where the son gets his rhythm from,” while others added: “I liked how they did it, they look like siblings”; “They did it, they look like siblings, the way they dance together is so good.”

Compliments to the mother were also in abundance: “A thousand blessings to your mom, God bless her, she is tougher than you.”; “The toughest of the tough.”; “Mama dances incredibly, go tembas.”; “She is tougher than you, you have an incredible mom,” some noted.

The video also resonated with those who value family ties: “How wonderful, a son who honors his mother and presents her to the public”; “That's how I am with mine, no one can take away what we danced”; “How beautiful to see such a young and talented mother”; “What a beautiful video, blessings to you both,” cheered others among the hundreds of comments the post received.

Frequently asked questions about Jaison Rodríguez and his viral TikTok video

Here are some frequently asked questions about the viral TikTok video of Jaison Rodríguez and his mother dancing to “La Temba.”

Who is Jaison Rodriguez?

Jaison Rodríguez is a young Cuban dancer known for his talent and versatility in dance, which he shows on social media platforms such as TikTok.

What song are Jaison and his mom dancing to in the viral video?

They dance to “La Temba” by Seidy La Niña.

How popular is the video on TikTok?

In just over four weeks, the video has received more than 11,000 likes and been viewed over 144,000 times.