Drew Baldridge describes the feeling of going viral overnight

Country star Drew Baldridge “cried” after his song “She's Somebody's Daughter” went viral – years after its initial release.

Drew, 32, “didn’t think much of it” when he first posted a video of the song on TikTok in May 2021.

“I think I wrote on [the caption] If this gets 3,000 likes, I'll post it on Friday – I know it's coming out on Friday and I just hope 3,000 people want to see it,” said Drew We weekly exclusively at the CMA Fest in Nashville on Thursday, June 6. “So, I'm posting it. … We wake up on Thursday morning [and] it has almost 10 million views.”

Drew first released the song in 2019 as something “special” between him and his wife. Katherine Baldridge (née Kraus). In May 2021, Katherine “dances to it with her dad” at her wedding and it became a hit that same month. More than a year after the wedding, Drew decided to release a “reimagined” version of the song in December 2022, featuring footage from his wedding to Katherine.


Share it with your dad and see what happens. #sheissomedaughter #foryou

♬ She's Somebody's Daughter, The Wedding Version – Drew Baldridge

Since the song became a hit thanks to TikTok, Drew expected calls from various labels, but he found success with “no manager, no booking agent – I'm just me,” the singer explained to Us.

He started playing in people's backyards before moving to the festival circuit in 2023.

“I go out and play my first county fair… I sing 'She's Somebody's Daughter' and everyone sings along,” Drew recalled. “I look at my bass player, who's been with me for ten years, and I say, 'Do you remember how people sang?'… That's never happened before.”

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The only negative aspect of Drew's overnight success is that she is “missing out on a lot” when it comes to her 17-month-old son, Lyric Lee.

“[It’s] really hard. We tour and do radio shows, but my wife is a rock star,” Drew continued. “I just watch her being a mother. … [She] have to do everything – Mom and Dad – when I'm away. I'm gone maybe three or four days a week and come home and try to catch up.”

Country star Drew Baldridge remembers crying after someone's daughter went viral overnight

Drew Baldridge Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

Drew praised his wife, saying she was “so great and so lovely” despite his stormy fame.

The singer also said that fatherhood has “inspired” some of his upcoming songs.

“I want to make music that my son is proud of. When he hears 'She's Somebody's Daughter' one day, I want him to think that my father treats my mother the same way,” he said. “That's what I'm focusing on now, writing songs that my son can be proud of one day.”