The designer of Dead Cells is back with Tenjutsu, a stunning new rogue-lite brawler

One of the more impressive reveals at this year's Summer Game Fest and certainly the highlight of the Devolver Direct, Tenjutsu is the new game from Sebastien Benard, the former designer and director of Dead Cells.

Benard went into business for himself under the banner of Deepnight Games and his new game emerged from a game jam.

The look and general flow of Tenjutsu should be immediately familiar to fans of Dead Cells, albeit from a different perspective. This is a top-down rogue-lite brawler with a heavy emphasis on martial arts and kung fu.

You play as a former Yakuza who has gone astray and is hell-bent on taking down the powerful crime families that run the city. There are four of them, and you must defeat them all – you can do this in any order you like, though. Tenjutsu features a fluid martial arts combat system that also includes a range of weapons and, in true rogue-lite fashion, a wealth of upgrades and new fighting techniques.

And there's a clever twist: the longer you take to gear up and prepare, the stronger your opponents become. The trailer doesn't explain how this works, but the game sounds like it's still a while away, so we'll have to wait a bit to find out more.

In the meantime, you can check out the stylish reveal trailer below and check out the original game jam project that inspired it on Tenjutsu is being developed for PC and consoles.

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