Bodycam video documents arrest of Fresno kidnapping suspect

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) – New bodycam footage shown in court Friday shows the moment police officers in Fresno responded to an attempted kidnapping.

The video shows several officers rushing into the backyard of a home in Fresno in December 2020 with guns drawn.

Within seconds, the officers find Rodolfo Brambila.

As police approached, he sat on the ground with his gloved hands in the air.

A moment later his hands were behind his back.

Prosecutors believe the 59-year-old was in the backyard to kidnap his professor from Fresno City College.

They say Brambila went to their house, hid behind plywood and put his hand around the professor's neck while waving a gun.

“I am not resisting. I did not come to threaten anyone,” Brambila told the officers.

Although Brambila says he did not intend to cause harm, prosecutors believe he did.

They charged Brambila with kidnapping, false imprisonment and five counts of assault with a firearm.

“They found a stun gun with a spare cartridge. They found handcuffs, zip ties and chains with padlocks on the defendant,” Assistant District Attorney Jason Conklin told the jury on Wednesday.

Brambila has pleaded not guilty, and a district grand jury is currently hearing evidence in the case.

On Friday, the jury saw a video of what police found in Brambila's pockets.

“A taser. A taser,” says an officer.

The brazen incident occurred after months of communication between Brambila and his professor.

Text messages show that during the height of the pandemic, Brambila repeatedly asked to meet his professor in person, but she declined all requests.

“I can’t meet in person,” the victim said in court on Wednesday, reading a screenshot of a text message.

“I can't take it anymore. I'm about to do something unthinkable,” the victim said, adding that Brambila had responded to her message.

His defense attorney said Brambila's behavior was not his style.

The lawyer will begin presenting his case to the jury on Wednesday.

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