The most viral moments from Taylor Swift's “The Eras Tour” so far

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Taylor Swift'S The Epoch Tour has made headlines not only because of its record-breaking global success, but also because of its multitude of viral moments.

Swift kicked off her most ambitious concert tour yet in March 2023 with two back-to-back shows in Glendale, Arizona. Her second night of performance gave fans one of the tour's first viral moments when static electricity caused her hair to stand on end onstage at State Farm Stadium.

“She is electrifying,” one fan commented on a TikTok clip from March 2023 showing the hilarious moment, while another shared one of her Speak Now (Taylor's Version) Songs from the Vault to poke fun at Swift's curls. “Electric Touch (ft. Humidity) (Taylor's Version) (From The Vault),” the user wrote.

Another fan captioned further footage of the hair-raising performance, “Static hair Taylor is a Taylor I didn't know I needed 😂.”

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Scroll down to see more of the most viral moments from The Epoch Tour From incidents with security to declarations of love backstage and more:

Put the security guard in

Swifties were obsessed with a security guard named Pocket, who danced her heart out to “Blank Space” at one of Swift's shows in March 2023. “Nobody worked harder this weekend than this iconic security guard, Pocket 😹,” one TikTok user wrote under a clip of Pocket rocking out in an aisle between seats.

“Bad blood” with a security guard

Swift made headlines when she defended a fan from an aggressive security guard during a May 2023 show. “She's fine,” the singer yelled at the employee while singing “Bad Blood.” During the song's chorus, Swift told the security guard, “She didn't do anything,” and yelled, “Hey, stop!” before walking to the other side of the stage.

This moment has now developed into a chant and some concertgoers shout “Hey, stop it!” during the number.

The most viral moments from Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour
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The “Rainiest Rain Show”

Swift is known for loving rain shows, but her second night in Foxborough, Massachusetts, in May 2023 was unlike any rain show she's ever experienced. “This is the rainiest rain show ever, ever, ever,” she declared during her acoustic set of surprise songs, according to social media footage.

Wondering if her soaked guitar would work, she added: “Nobody expects you to perform in the shower, basically. It's really very exciting.”

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Kevin Mazur/TAS24/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management Taylor Swift's Eras Tour has taken the world by storm, and while the three-hour show is all about celebrating her discography, the singer's biggest concern is the safety of her fans. Swift has even paused her show several times during her world tour to alert fans for safety. […]

Haunted Piano

Swift's acoustic piano had a life of its own during her third night in Foxborough in May 2023. “It rained a lot last night, like a monsoon. In fact, it rained for three and a half hours straight and it just kept getting heavier,” she explained before her piano keys started clattering.

“Did you hear that?” she asked her fans before the piano keys played a few more notes. “I'm just going to play one more song on the guitar. This is crazy.”

Fast quakes

The Swifties jammed so loudly at concerts on the Eras Tour that they caused earthquakes in several cities. CNN reported that Swift's performances in Seattle in July 2023 caused a 2.3 magnitude earthquake. A study by The Los Angeles Times announced that there were “significant harmonic disturbances” following the August 2023 tour concerts in LA.

The most viral moments from Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour
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Flip out

Fans went crazy when Swift brought out the stars of her music video “I Can See You” during a July 2023 stop in Kansas City. Her ex-boyfriend Taylor Lautner had a particularly memorable appearance on stage when he waved to concertgoers before running down the stage path and doing somersaults.

“Taylor Lautner doing a backflip on Taylor Swift's stage was not on my 2023 bingo card,” one fan hilariously wrote under a clip of the moment via X.

'1989 (Taylor's Version)' Madness

Swifties strongly suspected that the “Style” singer would announce the re-recorded version of her album 1989 at her concerts in LA in August 2023. Swift played with the speculation by presenting new blue outfits during the show Speak Now, folkloreAnd 1989 sections. She confirmed that the theories were correct by revealing the cover and release date for 1989 (Taylor's version) during her surprise song set.

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The concert was also their last US show in the first part of the The Epoch TourTo celebrate the day, she cheered enthusiastically backstage with a glass of wine in her hand.

Boots that are not made for walking

Swift began one of her November 2023 shows in Rio de Janeiro on a fun note after wearing one of her jewel-encrusted Christian Louboutin Boots during the concert opening Lover Set. She ripped off the broken heel and threw it into the crowd before tiptoeing through the rest of the set.

“She's standing on tiptoes with a broken heel like a real Barbie🫢,” one fan captioned the footage of the moment. about X.

The most viral moments from Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour
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Airplane flyover

During one of the November 2023 tour shows in Buenos Aires, a hilarious coincidence occurred. During the secret song set, while we were singing the lyrics of “Labyrinth”: “I thought the plane was going to crash / How did you turn it right around?”, as if on cue, a real plane flew over the stadium.

Swift shared the moment on Instagram and captioned the clip with the hilarious caption, “Never put an end to the accusations of witchcraft ✨🛬✨.”

The Paris Floor Baby

Fans were shocked when photos circulated online showing someone’s baby being placed on the floor at one of the Paris shows in May 2024. A spokesperson for the venue, La Défense Arena, said Page Six at the time when the “General Conditions of Sale stipulated that all minors (without age restriction) holding a ticket for a concert at the La Défense Arena in Paris must be accompanied by an adult.”

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Several of Taylor Swift's famous friends and fans have turned out to chill out at the singer's highly anticipated The Eras Tour. The stars of Swift's “Bejeweled” music video – Este Haim, Danielle Haim, Alana Haim and Laura Dern – were among the thousands of fans who attended the tour's opening night in Glendale, Arizona. […]

The statement continued: “Children under the age of 18 will remain under the supervision of their guardians, as per venue policy. An alternative seating arrangement was suggested for spectators with a young child on the floor, but was rejected by ticket holders.”

“Talk to each other”

Swift briefly interrupted her secret song set for a May 2024 show in Stockholm due to a costume issue. Instead of sitting in silence, she encouraged her fans to “talk amongst themselves” while a crew member came onstage to help her sort out the situation.

The most viral moments from Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour
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Scary Shadow

Footage from a June 2024 show in Madrid showing an eerie figure standing alone in the stadium's rafters began circulating online. People quickly began speculating who or what this shadowy, ghostly figure could be.

Kisses from Travis Kelce

Swift's friend, Travis Kelcesupported Swift in several Epoch Tour shows and is often seen dancing in the stands before exchanging backstage kisses with the pop star. They shared their first backstage moment of affection after one of Swift's shows in Buenos Aires in November 2023, where Swift famously changed the lyrics of her closing number, “Karma,” from “guy on the screen” to “guy on the Chiefs,” a reference to his NFL team, the Kansas City Chiefs.

Social media footage shared by fans showed Swift running into Kelce's arms before pulling him close and kissing him.