Viral post claims Trump wished DeSantis a “happy Pride Month” with homophobic slurs. Here's what we found out


On the social platform Truth Social, former US President Donald Trump posted “Happy PRIDE MONTH to the 'Governor' of Florida, Ron DeF*****.”


Rating: False

Rating: False

In June 2024, a year-old claim that former US President Donald Trump wished Florida Governor Ron DeSantis a happy Pride Month with a homophobic insult went viral for a second time:

Others on X posted the same text, allegedly from a post on Trump's social media platform Truth Social, without the alleged screenshot:

These posts share or link to a fake screenshot that went viral in June 2023. Trump never made this statement, and it was never posted on Truth Social. When Snopes first reported this claim, the only Google result for the text contained in the alleged post was iFunny, a website that collects and archives internet memes. That post has since been removed.

The post never appeared on Trump's profile and does not exist in any archived format. For these reasons, we rate this claim as “False.”


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