Massachusetts police arrest two people after drugs and firearms are found during a traffic stop

OXFORD – Massachusetts State Police arrested two people on drug trafficking and weapons charges late Tuesday night after a traffic stop led to a chase and an altercation.

On May 28, at approximately 11:10 p.m., Sturbridge Police Officer Joel Daoust noticed a black BMW sedan on Route 12 with part of the hood dragging on the road.

As Daoust attempted to stop traffic, the vehicle turned into Carron Lane and accelerated away.

Although he lost sight of the BMW, Daoust was able to catch up with the vehicle, which was now facing his patrol car in a narrow passage on the road.

The driver, identified as Ryan Christian, 35, of Dudley, attempted to reverse the vehicle but was subdued by Daoust using a taser and physical control techniques.

During the incident, Christian resisted arrest and kicked Daoust while the officer attempted to handcuff him.

The passenger, Samantha Sweeny, 24, of Webster, was also arrested after she disobeyed Daoust's orders not to reach into the vehicle and became belligerent.

A subsequent search of the BMW revealed a stash of illegal substances, including over 12 grams of fentanyl and 45 grams of cocaine, as well as prescription drugs.

Police also found a sawed-off shotgun, a .22 caliber rifle with a spent cartridge case, ammunition and drug paraphernalia.

Christian was taken to a local hospital under police supervision before being arrested along with Sweeny.

They face numerous charges, including trafficking in fentanyl and cocaine, possession of weapons and resisting state authority.

Christian faced additional charges related to traffic offenses and previous drug offenses, while Sweeny was charged with possession and distribution of controlled substances and carrying a dangerous weapon.

Both individuals were charged at Dudley District Court following their arrest.