Police arrest man dealing crack cocaine

Just after 3:30 a.m. this morning, Trooper William Rolls, assigned to the State Police-Foxboro, was driving on Elm Street in North Attleboro when he noticed a white Jeep SUV driving past him in the opposite direction. As the Jeep SUV passed Trooper Rolls, he noticed that all of the windows, including the windshield, were extremely darkly tinted, prompting him to change direction and initiate a traffic stop.

After the vehicle came to a stop, Trooper Rolls approached the vehicle and identified the driver as DERREL GRAHAM, 29, of Roxbury. After telling GRAHAM the reason for the stop, Trooper Rolls inspected the window tint and found it to be 8% transparency, below the legal limit of 35%. Due to the extremely dark tint of the windshield and front side windows, Trooper Rolls concluded the vehicle was not safe to drive at night and requested a tow truck to remove the Jeep from the roadway. Before the Jeep was loaded onto the tow truck, Trooper Rolls conducted an inventory of its contents. During the inventory, troopers discovered a bag containing a large amount of a substance believed to be crack cocaine. The total weight was later determined to be approximately 360 grams.

GRAHAM was arrested and taken to the Foxboro barracks for registration. A bail commissioner was contacted and set bail at $100,000. He was scheduled to be arraigned in Attleboro District Court. He was charged with the following:

1. Cocaine trafficking;

2. Unsafe operation of a motor vehicle; and

3. Unauthorized window tinting.