What was the story behind the viral photo of the official visit between Travis Smith Jr. and Kirby Smart?

This Intel representative from Sentell on Football Recruiting in Georgia has the latest on 4-star WR Travis Smith Jr. He is the nation's No. 13 WR and No. 101 overall prospect for 2025 in the 247Sports Composite. He is the No. 11 WR and No. 75 overall prospect in the On3 Industry Rankings.

Travis Smith Jr. visited the Georgia football program again over the weekend. This official visit continued a trend that DawgNation would love to read more about when it comes to one of his top targets for 2025.

But first we want to devote ourselves to the not so tough recruiting journalism.

Our topic: The return of The Official Visit photo shoots. Kirby Smart. Travis Smith Jr. And then came red sunglasses and a proud walk in front of the camera that Ric Flair would appreciate.

“Hey Kirby, let's go for a little walk,” Smith said. “You know, we were trying to be cool.”

Don't be fooled by the italics. That was a real quote.

We owe it to the daily DawgNation reader to turn first to the supermarket checkout and those simple calories. We'll take a minute to get to the quotes from the Angus Beef recruiting visit here.

It gets even better with the backstory and a top-notch visual aid. Check out this YouTube short film from DawgNation below.

Smith and several others in attendance believe Smart only walked the red carpet with one recruit. That was Smith. It's also quite likely that was the only time he wore those red sunglasses.

“I didn't see anyone else,” Smith said. “I could be wrong.”

Where do these red glasses come from?

“I just got some,” Smith Jr. said. “He was looking for some and then one of the guys gave it to him. Yeah, that was a good moment.”

What did Smart say to him in that “groovy” moment?

“After the whole thing, right after you saw the whole video,” Smith Jr. said. “He was trying to talk to me. He was like, 'Man, I can't run like this. I have to stay professional.' And I was like, 'Okay, man, I heard you.'”

Smith said that besides the food, these were his favorite moments of the trip.

“The food alone was top notch,” he said. “They really went all out there. The food was incredible. I was full the whole trip. I actually managed £200 at the end. £200. I've been waiting ages for that.”

4-star wide receiver Travis Smith Jr. of Westlake High School is one of Georgia's top recruiting targets for the class of 2025. (Instagram) (Instagram/Dawgnation)

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So…how was Travis Smith Jr.'s last visit to UGA?

When Smith paid an unofficial visit to UGA a few weeks ago as part of the annual scavenger hunt, he had this to say about that particular visit.

“This was the best visit of all my visits,” Smith Jr. said after the visit. “This scavenger hunt was by far the most fun. The best visit I've ever had.”

How did this happen? Especially without red sunglasses and proud behavior?

“The combination of exploring the campus, the meeting where we were shown offensive statistics, and the creative activities of it all was great.”

That's top-notch reporting protein. But Smith said the official visit last weekend was…even better?

Was this hurdle also overcome during this last visit?

“It definitely did,” Smith Jr. said. “I had so much fun with my whole family. Not just my parents. It was great. My grandparents were there. My real parents. My sister was there. It was an absolute blast. I'm really thankful to UGA for letting me be a part of it.”

There were a lot of family moments with this one.

“Grandma,” Smith began. “Grandpa. Mom. Dad. Stepmom. My sister Zoey. My sister Taylor and my sister Prida. So I had eight guests. That's nine people total.”

He was able to get feedback from his church choir and his family.

“I could see it in their faces,” Smith said. “You know. They always support me. They always tell me we support me no matter where I go. They don't tell me directly, but I could see it in their faces. They said it feels like home.”

How did receiver coach James Coley recruit him over the weekend?

“Coley,” said Smith Jr. “He's interesting. I like Coach Coley. He's always been a cool guy and my parents always love him out of all the coaches. Just the way he talks to us. It's unforgettable. He always has good things to say. It seems like every topic we bring up he knows what he's talking about. It's absolutely crazy. He's very intelligent.”

If you pay close attention, it seems like every visit to UGA becomes Smith's favorite trip.

What does Smith think about this?

“I can say, yes, that's true,” Smith said. “From the unofficial visit to this official visit, it's like climbing stairs. That's going to be hard to beat. You know, I have Auburn next weekend. So we'll see what everybody got. But this was a blast.”

Is the bar set high?

“Very high,” said Smith. “Actually, the highest. At the moment.”

Smith will visit Auburn this weekend for his official game. Next weekend it's Alabama's turn. Later this month he'll finish his four OVs at Tennessee.

He has already set his commitment date for July 13th. The ceremony will take place at Westlake High School's football stadium.

Westlake High School 4-star wide receiver Travis Smith Jr. is one of Georgia's top recruiting prospects for the class of 2025. (Instagram) (Instagram/Dawgnation)

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Why Georgia quarterback Ryan Montgomery harmonizes with Travis Smith

Ryan Montgomery said he got to know Smith well during her official visit, which is important for the QB commit in this class to build a connection with a receiver.

He has known the top targets for the receiver position in this class for some time.

Who does he want to see in the class?

“I would say a guy like Travis,” Montgomery said. “I definitely want him to be part of this class. I got to know him better last weekend. He's obviously super talented and will be a game-changer for any program that gets him. I hope we can be the program that gets him.”

“He's a really good person. He comes from a really great family. So he's definitely someone I'd like to have around.”

What did Smith notice about Montgomery?

“The energy that we just have,” Smith said. “It's like it's already there. He's a cool kid. A great kid. Very humble. I can tell he comes from a great home. As we talk, it's always a great message. But ultimately, he wants me to come over so he can throw me some passes.”

Montgomery was subtle about this.

“He looked at me,” Smith Jr. said. “Every time we brought up the subject. On that visit, pretty much all of my obligations got in the way. They either said, 'We can't talk to you,' or 'We can't brush you off,' it was all just playful, but you could tell they wanted me there.”

Who was the toughest against him? Smith said it was between Ethan Barbour and Bo Walker.

“Ryan was there too, but he was a little behind, but Bo definitely gave it to me,” Smith Jr. said. “No, actually I'd say Ethan. Bo usually goes after me, but Ethan was just 'uh' this weekend.” [with it].”

Barbour has worked hardest with the recruits from out of state and outside of Metro Atlanta. Walker stays in the ATL area of ​​players.

To sum it all up, how would Smith best describe his official visit to Georgia?

“A fade ball,” he said. “Touchdown with three seconds left. You have one second left and then it's kickoff.”

4-star wide receiver Travis Smith Jr. of Westlake High School is one of Georgia's top recruiting targets for the class of 2025. (Instagram) (Instagram/Dawgnation)

Westlake High School 4-star wide receiver Travis Smith Jr. is one of Georgia's top recruiting prospects for the class of 2025. (Instagram) (Instagram/Dawgnation)

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