Shooting in Fayetteville | Police: Teenager injured in drive-by shooting in Cumberland County

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) – A teenager was injured in a drive-by shooting in Cumberland County Friday morning.

Shortly after midnight, Fayetteville police and other emergency responders were called to the 800 block of Danish Drive in Fayetteville for a reported shooting.

Upon arrival, emergency responders found a young man who had been shot. The victim was taken to a trauma center in critical condition.

Heavy gunfire could be heard on neighbors' security cameras, the sound so loud it shook some of the Ring doorbell cameras that recorded the moment a car drove away.

At least 20 cartridge cases were scattered on the street.

FPD could not immediately confirm the child's age, but neighbors told ABC11 the victim is younger than 10 years old. Police would not comment on the child's condition, but said the child was taken to a trauma center after life-saving measures were performed at the scene.

ABC11 learned Friday night that the victim's father said his son was fighting for his life.

Residents said it was a horrific reminder of how widespread gun violence is in the community.

“We have to intervene because you never know when this trouble is going to happen,” said Fon Dockery, an anti-gun violence activist.

Dockery knows the painful effects of gun violence well. His 8-year-old daughter, Jenesis, was shot and killed in a babysitter's home in August. “I get a little nervous and relive the phone call from that day,” he added.

He said it saddened him that children continued to be victims of shootings.

“It's impacting our community, right down to the young children who look at their peers and kids their age and say, 'They're dying and so fast.' So now we have a community of kids living in fear instead of living the beautiful life that they have,” he said.

Dockery had some advice for the child's parents regarding the recent incident.

“There is support,” he said. “There are people who want to listen, and there are people who want to listen and need to hear what they are saying.”

Cornelius Breazeale has lived on Danish Drive for more than four years. He said he did not wake up at the time of the shooting, but his brother called him and told him his house was on television.

“I look out the window, the street is full of cops and blocked off, it's just a sad situation, man,” he said. “We're from Philadelphia and we moved away from Philadelphia to get away from this, and now to come here and have to experience all this … it's frustrating.”

“There are already far too many guns on the streets, people need to come together and look out for each other,” Breazeale said.

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