Viral KitKat and ketchup trend makes die-hard fans “sick” – but some are even more disgusted by the way they eat it

A disgusting new challenge has surfaced online, asking people to eat their KitKats with ketchup.

The trend is going viral on TikTok, where videos are garnering millions of views and some are even comparing the combination to pineapple on pizza.

A challenge has resurfaced on TikTok in which people try Kit-Kats with ketchupPhoto credit: Facebook/KitKat
Some people find the strange combination surprisingly goodPhoto credit: Facebook/KitKat
Comments on social media are mixed. Some are disgusted, others want to try it for themselves.Photo credit: Facebook/KitKat

The challenge appears to have started in 2021, but has since resurfaced and gone viral again.

But this time, the trend has become so big that even Heinz and Kit-Kat have jumped on the bandwagon and touted a new ketchup-flavored chocolate bar on Instagram.

KitKat also released a video of employees testing the ketchup-chocolate combination themselves, receiving mixed reactions and comments.

“Prison. Now,” was one of the top comments.

Even Kit-Kat's own Canadian site was confused.

“Is everything okay over there?” they asked in the comments.

One influencer, One Big Pike, posted his reaction to trying the unusual combination on TikTok and called it “surprisingly good.”

“Does the government know about this?” he asked.

“This feels illegal, it should be illegal,” he continued.

“Why does this work?”

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However, some people seem more concerned about people simply biting into the KitKat rather than breaking the pieces apart as intended.

“The way you ate it should be illegal,” one viewer replied sarcastically.

“Why did you bite into that shit like an apple?” asked another.

But even though this combination is unconventional, many people on social media say it works.

According to Foodie, it turns out that eating tomatoes with chocolate isn't as crazy as it seems.

The salty note of the tomatoes, which comes from berries, actually goes well with the sweet cocoa of the KitKat.\t

This feels illegal, it should be illegal.

A big pikeInfluencers

Similar to sweet and salty treats, the two opposing flavors combine in unexpected harmony.

However, not everyone found the combination delicious.

One influencer, TrishDoesThings, gave the snack a try and hated it so much that she had to spit it out.

“No thanks,” she said as she spat out the combination and gave it a -10 out of 10.